We are a group of Italian teachers and language experts, who several years ago started the school SLANG. Sardinia, Senses & Language to promote the Italian language courses and culture in Sardinia.
Out of this wonderful venture – that still exists today (you can join and find out about here) – was born the idea of a new online Italian learning world.
Our students’ satisfaction in learning Italian in a fun and fast way pushed us to do more and get even closer to them and to you … So we made ourselves virtual!

We love Italian and anybody who studies it. With Slang Online we want to bring our language and culture right into your home!

Any occasion and every moment is good for learning… Do you want to start learning Italian? Relax on your sofa and follow our lessons. Are you cooking dinner? Listen to our podcasts! Instead of falling asleep in front of the TV? Meet up with our students on our forum!

We’re having fun! Are you joining us?

A different language is a different view on life.” — Federico Fellini