We can honestly state that we love what we do. Hand on heart!
But the truth is that first and foremost we are also students. Beyond being teachers, managers, guides, … we are students. Learning foreign languages is our life-long passion and pleasure.

And we are actually lazy students, who just want to learn in the fastest and most effective way.

Over time, we have experienced different methods and approaches, and we have taken the best parts from all of them for our method. Hence, we are able to meet the laziest student’s needs.

The SLANG method strongly believes in the following points:

  • the real innovative method in learning is: less is more. But “less and often” is even better!
  • a language is made up of different components: grammar knowledge, vocabulary, speaking ability, written comprehension, … but we Italians use all the skills together: why should you study them separately?
  • the human brain works better if it has fun; and it learns best if it is exposed to interesting and engaging inputs. So do you. That’s why we teach with fun topics and interesting contents.

These are the fundamentals of the SLANG method.

We never leave you on your own. Your Italian learning process is constantly stimulated with new proposals to let you improve quickly and not get bored: funny sketches, real-life conversations, individual online lessons, 3 levels courses, games, podcasts and news. Your learning never stops.

But it’s not a miscellaneous website: every single content is carefully created as a link in the chain of a precise Italian learning plan.

Besides, we do all this while talking about our beloved Italian culture.

Are you joining us?